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Space Camp Update
Posted On:
Friday, April 27, 2018
Space Camp
Space Camp
Facebook page is up.

Space Camp Parents,

Our Facebook page is up. This is a private page and we only allow parents to join, sorry grandparents and other relatives. Parents are free to screen shot or download content and share it, but we have to limit the page to parents for privacy issues. The link to the page is here  you should also be able to search for RET Space Camp 2018.

Also, we have updated the Space Camp page, under files, with the packing list and notes. We will send home a note Tuesday with more details to prepare for next Sunday, May 6th depature.

Space Camp wants us there earlier than normal and so we will load the buses at 12:45 behind the caferteria in the 5th grade afternoon exit parking lot. Please leave the area near the picnic area, against the curb open for the buses.

Medication needs to be dropped off on Friday, May 4 from 7:45 - 10 and 1 - 3. 

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